"For small creatures such as we, the vastness is bearable only through love."

- Carl Sagan

So much heart goes into planning a wedding day and no two are the sameI document wedding days from a photojournalistic point of view.  While we'll make time for the special posed portraits of you and your loved ones, my true love is to capture moments as they occur naturally throughout your day.  Wedding days are a unique blend of planning and spontaneity.  I take pride in capturing both beautifully to tell a complete story.

I consider it part of my role to safeguard your joy and ability to stay present during your wedding day.  Sometimes that means taking a step back for you to enjoy a private moment.  Sometimes it means stepping in to direct the action of the day.   Whether the moment calls for an unobtrusive observer or a hands-on helper,  I'm there to navigate the day alongside you.  My role in your wedding day is whichever leads to the most comfortable and joyful experience for you.

While you and your partner are the stars of the show on your wedding day, I also love to highlight the guests you've chosen to include in your celebration.   Your guests are part of your story, and their joy and excitement for you is part of what makes a wedding day so beautiful.

So much planning goes into a wedding day, and yet it's also safe to bet you can expect the unexpected to occur at some point.  Including me in your wedding day means you've got someone on your team ready to roll with whatever comes our way.  Hail storm in the middle of your ceremony?  No problem.  Timeline changes?  We'll make it work.  I'm there to document the day in its entirety, scripted and spontaneous.

Wedding photography allows me capture, preserve and celebrate people in the most raw and real states.  Rarely in life are so many core emotions so generously expressed in a single setting.

There's a place for the details.  Your dress, your table settings, your venue, your bouquet- you chose them carefully, they're a part of your story, and it's my privilege to document them.  But what matters more than what you have at your wedding is who you are  on that day.  I remain watchful for the candid moments that captures who you are most truly and most beautifully.  While there will be parts of the day that require direction and light posing, my favorite photos are usually those that occur naturally.  A focus on moments means the story I tell of your wedding day will have both beauty and heart.   


Your pictures will be the part of your wedding that will stand the test of time.   I'd say that aside from choosing your partner, choosing a wedding photographer is the most important wedding decision you will make.  There are many talented photographers with different approaches and styles in regards to capturing the day. 

I value comfort. 

I value community. 

I go with the flow. 

I value honest moments. 

I've got heart.

If the qualities that matter to me matter to you too,

I'd love to connect. 

Full day coverage begins at 4300

Partial day coverage, Elopements, Intimate Weddings and Travel options are available.  Contact to customize a wedding package that's just right for you. 

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