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After several years of working full time as both a teacher and a photographer, I'm so excited to announce that in June I'll retire my teacher shoes for awhile to devote myself fully to my photography. 

Part of my big shift into full time will mean working on refining my focus as a photographer.  This summer, I'll be working to rebrand my website to offer LIFESTYLE and WEDDING photography from a documentary, photojournalist perspective.  You can find out more about this style in the The Real - The True section of the options page.  What that means for my Michigan Summer families is that I'll be approaching each session with extra love and an eye toward my more refined vision.  

I've been nurturing my talent and working toward this goal since as soon as I picked up a camera. 

I'm so ready. 

And I'm SO grateful to all the families and individuals who have been part of my photography journey so far.  If I've worked with you before, THANK YOU for the honor of capturing your family's growth and love.  If you're new, welcome!  I'd love to capture your family, and for you to become a part of my photography journey with a session of your own this summer.


what's new with you?

2017. Another year.

Sometimes the day-to-day becomes such a blur that it's easy to forget that, gradually and permanently, things are changing.  Little ones become a little less little... styles and interests change... houses and pets and the flowers and jobs and favorite outfits... so much of what feels normal now will someday have changed entirely.

And that's ok.  That's the joy and pain of living, really.

But don't let this year slip by without finding a way to document your now.  The pictures captured today become your heirlooms.  They become your legacy.  Years from now, they become a way of reminding yourself of who you were... a way of celebrating the way you've grown and a way of treasuring the things that haven't changed.  

Investing in photography sessions is a great way to update your frames on the wall and social media.  It's ALSO a gift to your future self... a contribution to the family heirloom box... a means of artfully capturing what makes this year unique. 

I have an eye for capturing the details and connection that make your family- in this moment- special. 

This summer, I'd love to document what's new with you.

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