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I would really love to book a session with you but I'm unavailable during these time frames.  Do you have any other options?

I'm glad you asked!  I make a regular summer trip to Michigan for summer sessions.  Now that my schedule is more free, I may also consider a spring trip.  Follow my social media pages for updates on my next trips.

How do I reserve a photo session?

You can find the steps to reserve your space on the What To Do page.

If I choose a The Real - The True session, will I get any traditional photos or will they all be candid?

You will still get some traditional group family portraits and individual portraits of everyone participating in the session.  The difference between The Real - The True and the other sessions is that we'll achieve those portraits in a more carefree, naturally transpiring environment.  Rather than feeling like a photo shoot, our time together will feel like an enjoyable afternoon  spent together.  We'll allow the kids to rest when they need to, or allow them to follow their curiosity rather than forcing poses or smiles or the direction of the day.  There's extra time built into this session for that very reason.  You'll still end up photos of the whole family together, the goal is that the process to get there will not only be stress-free, but authentic and enjoyable. 

What will we do if it rains?

If rain is in the forecast and you're scheduled for an outdoor session, we'll try our best to look for another time to shoot during my trip.  If it's not possible to reschedule for this trip and we get rained out, you can use your deposit to reserve a spot for a fall session at the end of September (dates tbd), or opt for a refund of your initial deposit.

Can I include pets in my session?

Pets are definitely welcome to join the fun.

Can I invite my extended family to join the session?

The more the merrier!  Current packages include immediate family only, but I'm happy to work out a plan if you'd like to include more.  Grandparents can be added to a portion of your session for an additional $50 (full sessions only).  If you have another idea for including more of your family, message me your idea and we'll work something out.

What should I wear?

A good place to start is to decide if you'd like to go for a more formal or casual look for your pictures.  Generally, avoid busy prints, clothing with branding displayed or solid white clothing.  No need to look for matchy-matchy outfits... choose a basic color scheme with colors that compliment one another without necessarily matching exactly.  Ultimately, you want to feel comfortable and to feel that your choices represent you well.  A quick google search for "family session outfit ideas" or a quick browse on Pinterest can be a good source of inspiration.  For The Real - The True sessions, we may even have time for a few outfits (depending on the activities we choose).

Where is a good location for sessions?

For The Real - The True sessions, I recommend considering a home session, even if our activity takes us outside the home for part of the time.  Your home does not have to look like it came from a magazine.  What makes your home special is YOU.  What makes your home special is that it is a part of your family story.  I'll find the light and the magic and direct you on how to prepare for a home session.  If a home session is unappealing to you, I can help with other ideas for a lifestyle session.

For Capturing You sessions, home is a great option as well!  Other great options include parks, downtown or urban areas.  If you have an idea in mind, I'd love to hear it!  If you'd like some help, I'll share some more specific suggestions depending on the city we decide to shoot near.

For A Precious Few mini-sessions, I ask that you keep an open mind and flexibility with location.  Depending on demand and where other sessions take me, I'd love to suggest areas that would be ideal for our session and also conducive to my travel plans. 

May I print my own pictures?

Each package includes online hosting where you will be able to view all your images.  From this gallery you also have the option to order high-quality, reasonably priced prints shipped straight to your home.  Ordering prints from the website is the only way that I can guarantee correct color and excellent quality.  However, you are not obligated to order any prints with your package and you may print them elsewhere if you'd like.

May I share my pictures on social media?

Sharing is caring!  It brings me such joy to see my work  celebrated and shared!  I ask that you share the images as they are (without adding filters), and that you tag me or my business page so that others know where to find me. 

What happens if I lose my images?  Do you save a copy?

I will save digital copies of your session for up to two years.  After the initial send, I'm glad to send your images along again for a $25 recovery fee.

When will I receive my pictures?

You will receive your images within 5 weeks of your session, most likely sooner.  I appreciate your patience in allowing for some travel time for me to get back to my editing desk in California.  You will receive your images as a digital transfer.

The Real - The True clients will make your print choices once their gallery is received.  I will place the order promptly, and you will receive your prints by mail within 1-2 weeks of that time.

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